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Art Photography, Pain


Size of the print: 120 (width) x 85 (height), cm or 60 (width) x 40 (height), cm/ any other size upon request.

Print on canvas, no frame, delivery in tube



Concept description:

“A human body, endowed with a soul, is full of mysteries. This is why it was chosen to capture the human body in all its beauty in thus work. The body speaks with postures, gestures and it is full of feelings and emotions, hiding a story behind it.

I was concentrated on the nude style of photography because it is sensual and revealing of the deepest feelings of a person. It was chosen to work on a woman’s body because it is so tender and graceful.

This work aimed to capture the expressions and mood of a human body.” Nataly Philippou

Additional information

Size, (width x height)

120 x 85,cm, 60 x 40, cm

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