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Chris & Sheena, wedding in Larnaca, 07.09.2018

Hi Nataly! Hope you are well 🙂 We held off seeing the wedding photos to wait until valentine's day so we can re live our day after a few months. I'm emailing to tell you how HAPPY we are with every single photo! You have done great justice to our day and we are so pleased that you were out photographer! Every single detail you recorded was just perfect and we are so grateful. Also loved the presentation of the USBs in the cute jars and box 🙂 Please let me know if there is any where online where I can leave you a review? Thank you again and we will be highly recommending you to any friends or family that would like the best photographer in Cyprus ! Lots of love, Chris & Sheena

Christening, Valeria, Nicosia, 14.10.2018

Nataly mu idame tes photos, to trailer (to video en nmzo na to do me toso klama p ekme ;p) kai einai ola iperoxa sas euxaristoume!!

Wedding Demetris & Elena, 02.09.2018, Larnaca

Dear Nataly, We would like to thank you for the beautiful wedding photos and videos! Everything is perfect! Overall we are very satisfied with the result and very happy with the way you and your team approached the wedding! We will definitely recommend you to other people! Thanks again for everything!😀 With regards Demetris & Elena

Ros and Tony Bratton, 15.06.2018 Larnaca

Hi Nataly OMG ...  the photographs are absolutely fabulous, they nearly made me cry ... so many (819) and in so many different locations.  I know Sam and Lee will be so pleased with them when they see them next week. We are so pleased that we chose you to photograph the wedding and we wish you every success with all your future work. We will certainly recommend you to anyone who needs a photographer.  I will also put something on your Facebook page. My photographs are nothing like yours (I will send you a few later)   ... but you are a true professional and I am just an amateur, but I will still keep trying to improve. Kind Regards Ros and Tony Bratton

Aliona & Evgeniy, 02.03.2018, Cyprus, Larnaca

Наталья, спасибо огромное! Фото все получила, скачала! Фото получились замечательные, я в восторге, спасибо огромное за огромную работу, проведённую с нами! Женька заметил, как ты всё сердце 💓 и душу вкладываешь в работу! Было очень, очень приятно! Спасибо

David & Lebusa, 27.02.2018 Larnaca

We are very happy that we choose Nataly to be the photographer at our wedding. She made the experience very enjoyable. She has a very creative eye which made us very happy with the photographs. We would strongly recommend Nataly.

Erikas & Julija, 26.09.2017, Lithvania

Thank you for the photos, we loved them, they are very very nice. We are very happy that we chose you as our photographer!!!!

Maria Evgeniou, Christening Photography, Nicosia 2017

Nataly mou, thank you for the photos! They are absolutely perfect! You captures moments that are priceless to us...

Stav & Alex, Israel

Nataly, the photos are amazing!!! It was a perfect shooting day! Above expectation !! We really enjoyed and loved the pictures Thank you very much! Stav & Alex צלמת מעולה ממליצים מאוד (דוברת אנגלית ורוסית)

Julia & Gareth, Family photo shoot, Ireland

Natalia !!! Thank you for the  great experience. We absolutely love every single photo you took, they really unique and special to us. Your energy and professionalism are unbeatable. Isabella is small and can't say thank you  to you but I'm sure that in a future she will be grateful big time!!

Carlo & Leila, Italy & Iran

Nataly is very professional. She clearly understood our needs and she went above our expectations. We are very happy of our pictures. I recommend her and her staff. Carlo & Leila

Ruslan & Golfira, Israel

Здравствуйте, Натали! Хочу оставить отзыв о вашей бесподобной работе, от которой мы в полном восторге!!! 
Было очень сложно подобрать слова для отзыва, потому что влюбились мы практически в каждый кадр, запечатленный Натали! Постараюсь сейчас найти слова, чтобы описать в каком мы неописуемом восторге... Каждый кадр - история -живая, теплая, настоящая...смотришь и вновь и вновь проживаешь!!! Никогда не думал, что два, столь не фотогеничных человека, в возрасте, не умеющие и не любящие фотографироваться и позировать, могут выглядеть на фотографиях так здорово и при этом оставаться самими собой. Именно это я и хочу отметить. Натали каким-то образом может чувствовать людей и видеть людей, при чем так, как эти люди сами себя видят. Она способна оживлять фотографии эмоциями, исходящими от людей в момент стоп-кадра. Она каким-то образом может находиться в нескольких местах одновременно, не упустив не единой детали. Это настоящее волшебство, мастерство и огромный талантище!!! Спасибо тебе большое, за то, что творишь такие чудеса!!!

Silvia & Roman, Israel

Dear Nataly, The photos are amazing, right away you understood our "vibe" and brought the best out of us. your guidance was spot on and most importantly you made it a fun experience for two people who dont feel comortable in front of the camera. Thank you so much for everything, Silvia & Roman 10-10-2016

Jyldyz & Ramy, Dubai, Lebanese wedding in Cyprus

So grateful to Nataly for amazing work and fun time in Larnaca and Aia Napa. We appreciate her wonderful photography talents, creativity and very friendly personality which helped us to feel comfortable and get desirable results. Nataly is a great photography artist. Thank you sooo much for incredible photos capturing all our happy moments!!! 16 September 2016

Stacey & Clinton, United Kingdom

Dear Nataly we had a wonderful day on 1-9-2016 thank you so very much for being are photographer you have done a fantastic job with our photos . Excellent service and such a lovely lady thanks again Stacey Clint and family xxxx

Raman & Volha, Belarusia

Заказывали свадебную фотосессию.Фотографии оправдали все желания,жена в восторге.Наталья очень милый и доброжелательный человек,чувствуется,что эта работа приносит ей удовольствие. Настоящий профессионал своего дела, все снимки сделаны с душой и самого высокого качества.

Brankica & Goran, Serbia, Belgrade

My top recommendations for Nataly! The photos are excellent and her selection of sceneries around Ayia Napa is superb. If you are looking for a photographer in Cyprus, look no further! 📸😊

Aljona & Antonis, Cyprus, Nicosia

Choosing your wedding photographer may be more difficult than one may think! We were very lucky because our wedding photographer was Nataly! She managed to capture such beautiful moments...our mood, emotions and's worth mentioning that we received all our photos on time (making the cooperation even more pleasant ☺). Finally, we would like to say that not only is she a real professional, but she's a great person too💖

Fay & Yannai, Israel

Nataly, we just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your excellent work. The pictures came out great, and they are already placed in our wedding album. We are so happy to have found you for this wonderful occasion of ours. Thank you very very much. We will recommend you for everybody who will come to wed in Larnaca. All the best, Fay & Yannai.

Katya & Semyon, Israel

Dear Nataly, We are the happiest couple in the world because now we have the most beautiful wedding pictures we could ever dream of!!! Thanks a lot for great and professional work you've done! We are surely going to recommend you as the BEST photographer in Cyprus. Katya & Semyon, Israel

Victoria & Tomi from Israel

Dear Nataly...:) This is another time that God proved me that i am a lucky one!! ..because to look up ten hours before wedding for an photographer and to find one who will put all his things to the side just to come so he can help and make this day perfect for another as much as its depends on have no idea how much i Apriciate your help and your kindness!!you are amazing person and one of the best photographers i have met !!!:) Thanx to you our wedding was perfect and now we will have more than just a few pictures from our phone :))) Thank you sooooo much much muchhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Victoria&Tomi from Israel 🙂
Victoria & Tomi

Shahak & Karolina from Israel & Poland (wedding in Cyprus, Larnaca)

"We just have seen pictures! They are awesome!!! We are very happy!! Big big thanks for you, Natalia! Really, just perfect!"

Margarita & Andreas, Christening Photography, Cyprus, Larnaca

"We saw all photos you have done. I do not have words to express how I like them! The job you have done is just amazing! Especially, Maria's portraits!! Thank you, Nataly mu!"  

Сергей и Екатерина из России (Свадебная Фотография, Кипр, Айа Напа)

"Очень хочется написать свои благодарности замечательным людям, окружавшим нас в день нашей свадьбы. Отдельно, хочется отметить и Наташу с помошниками. Ее фотографии просто супер, а благодаря легкости характера, фотосессия прошла легко и приятно. Спасибо вам, милые отзывчивые люди, за то, что вы были с нами, за общение, понимание и чуткость ко всем нашим свадебным паникам. Как хорошо, что вы есть!!! =)))"

Eleftheria, Christening Photography, Cyprus, Larnaca

"Μου άρεσαν πάρα πολύ οι φωτογραφίες και το βίντεο! Σ ευχαριστώ, πολύ καλή δουλειά!"

Anastasia, Cyprus, Larnaca Christening Photography

"...Photographs are super! We are so beautiful there :)! So colorful & alive! Thank you!!!"

Yasmine & Frank from Abu Dhabi (Wedding in Cyprus, Larnaca)

“ BIG thank you to you Nataly for the amazing photos of our wedding day despite the bright sun and blazing heat of the day 🙂 We now have lots of lovely photos to remember it by!"

Vadim & Marina from Israel (Wedding Photography, Cyprus, Larnaca)

Dear Nataly! The pictures are awesome!! We had such fun with you!!! Thank you so much!!!

Alina & Hugo from England (Wedding Photography, Cyprus, Larnaca)

We liked a lot the pictures from the photo session by Nataly! Fully relying on the photographer in choosing places, style and so on we got great shots as a result, Natalia managed to capture really nice moments! Thanks for your job:) Наталья, большое спасибо за фотосессию! Очень рады снимкам, отличные кадры и качество! Желаем творческих успехов:)

Павел и Зара, Израиль (Свадебная фотосессиия, Кипр, Лефкара)

"Наталия!!!! Спасибо огромное!!!! Обалденные фотографии!!! Ты просто супер!!! Нет слов, в каком мы восхищении!!!!! Не знаем, как и благодарить!! Спасибо за всю эту красоту!!!!!"

Natalia & Constantin from Russia (Wedding Photography, Cyprus, Nicosia)

We want to say big thank to you. It was a great pleasure to share with you our wedding day. We are so happy we choose you to be our photographer. Pictures are great!!!! And we really enjoy the photo session with you!!!!”

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