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Art notes

Art portrait photography – is an opportunity to express my perception of the World by means of the camera. There are no limits to experimentation and improvisation in this field. I am open to using different styles and techniques; my most important goal here is the flight of the soul and the mind. If you are an artistic person and you like to take part in adventurous art projects – this kind of photography for you!

As a professional photographer, my work is ever-evolving and growing in the field of art photography. I am always ready for new ideas and experiments, so let’s get creative! 

The thing to consider when preparing for an art photography project are:

  • It is important to define a concept and style for your photo project.
  • We should discuss the program, sequence, and location of your photoshoot in advance.
  • Props and decoration in the genre of your photoshoot also form an important aspect of the preparation. 
  • The overall choice of cloths, style and colours should be thought through in advance. Please be sure that no more than 3 primary colours are used for clothes and accessorises. 
    This provides harmony in the colour scheme, enabling the photographer to more easily create the necessary composition. 
  • Last but not least, the most important aspect of the shoot is your and the photographer’s great mood, which will inspire everyone and build a relaxed atmosphere.

I look forward to working with you soon!

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