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Christening notes

Christening for many of us is an important moment in our lives, which we would like to capture in the smallest of details. Touching and emotional pictures would be a memorable addition to the family photo archive.

Family events constitute the most important part of our lives. These exciting moments fill up our life with colorful episodes, which should be captured and treasured for life. It is my job to make the most beautiful photographic record of your occasions and I will help you to keep these memories forever.

In particular, my christening photography captures your big moment in small, important details: the photography of the christening costume, the cross, the baptistery – all that creates a special atmosphere of the baptism mystery. We will do the following formal photographs before the church service: family images (parents and child, grandparents, godparents and close relatives). During the service, I strive to catch all of the details that convey the importance and brightness of the day. You will have a wide range of remarkable photographs that will leave the warmest and most authentic memories of your life event.

All of us look forward to important life events, such as the Christening, and make sure to prepare all of the important aspects of the day in advance. 

However, it is easy to oversee small details, which are equally as important for the success of the day.
Once the venue, the photographer and the videographer are organised, the decorations are up and all plans are in order, it is tempting to think that everything is ready. 

There are other small important factors which cannot be missed and in order to obtain the unforgettable photographs, which convey the importance of the moment of baptism, attention should be paid to the following small details: 

  • All of the relevant parties (parents, godparent and the child) should arrive at the church at least 30 min in advance of the service. This ensures that the photographer has enough time to capture the important details, such as the child’s suit/dress, the cross and accessorise, the child’s portrait and photographs of the parents and relatives. We need a little time to create reportage shots to convey the atmosphere prior to baptism.
  • The baptismal suit/dress and all of the accessories must be in the same style and have the same colour. It is also advisable for the parents and godparents to be dressed in one style (i.e. no more than 3 primary colours). This will create colour harmony and allow for stylish, organic photographs.
  • Following service, please reserve a little time for individual and family portraits – we will create unique images which will last a lifetime!

    I hope to work with you very soon!

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