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Wedding Notes

If you are dreaming about a wonderful location for your wedding, look no further – Cyprus is your choice! Ancient culture, beautiful and fascinating nature sceneries, blue sky and sea, sunshine – all help to create your special day filled with love and lasting memories! And my job, as a professional wedding photographer in Cyprus, is to create perfect images that will allow to re-live your perfect day for the rest of your life. I aim to capture the most important and sensitive moments to convey the feelings of love and happiness through photography. I would be honoured to be a part of your day and not only to share this happiness with you but to capture all these special moments and create a photo-history of your life event.

The wedding day is an important family day filled with love, happiness and emotions. The role of the photographer is to be able to reflect and capture the atmosphere of happiness, to convey the emotion and mood of the bride and groom. This type of photography requires the photographer to have the ability to combine such genres as portrait, photojournalism, documentary and artistic photography. It is most important to create images which come “alive” and for lasting memories.

Each of us dreams of a beautiful, blissful wedding in a romantic place, surrounded by friends and family. To realize these dreams, one tends to plan all of the necessary details in advance, including the decision on the choice of a photographer.

I aim to share my experience as a professional photographer with you, demonstrating my knowledge and secrets of successful wedding photography. The key to producing wonderful images lies in the collaboration between the photographer and the newlyweds. 

On one hand the photographer must utilise their technical and artistic skills when capturing images, while on the other, the newlyweds must to be ready to collaborate with the photographer in order to achieve a shared goal – obtaining wonderful photographs full of happiness, joy and excitement – photographs which capture all of your special moments to last a lifetime!

The key aspects for a successful wedding photography are: 

  • The wedding gowns of the bride and groom should be in one style with a matching “common” colour. This enables a harmony in the colour scheme, uniting the couple for their photographs. 
    For example, if a bride’s bouquet contains bright blue flowers, then a matching (bow) tie would create the required harmony in colour. Equally, according to the colour theory, it is important that no more than 3 primary colours are used for cloths/accessorises.
  • A professional make-up and hair stylists should be used where possible. The professionals are able to analyse the facial features and apply most appropriate hair and make-up in order to exaggerate your beautiful features. In turn, this helps the photographer to capture you in the most beautiful way, allowing for unforgettable portraits.
  • Props and decoration in the genre of your wedding also form an important aspect of the preparation. Balloons, hearts, champagne, glasses, table cloths etc – all “take part” in helping to convey your emotions and create an atmosphere of happiness during the wedding day. The choice of the props can be discussed with your wedding planner or photographer in advance.
  • It is important to discuss the programme of your photoshoot with the photographer in advance. Details such as the time from which the photographs should be taken (e.g. from the moment of the wedding preparation of the bride, or from the beginning of the ceremony).
  • Please discuss the style of photographs which are most appealing to you (e.g. documentary/staging style etc). Please make the photographer aware of any special/important moments or surprises which should be captured; these must be known to the photographer in advance in order to capture the images in the most accurate way.
  • Last but not least, the most important aspect of the wedding is your and the photographer’s great mood, which will inspire everyone and build a relaxed atmosphere.

Best wishes to you on your special day!

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