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Portrait Photography Notes

“Eyes are the mirror of the soul”. The same can be said about portraiture. A good portrait reveals the expression, personality, and mood: all frozen in the moment of the ‘real’ you. Ideally, I would love to capture the beauty that I see as the photographer and this may just allow you to discover something new within yourself.

A portrait is not just a pretty picture – it is your identity card, which should reflect you as an individual, portray your style, personality, beauty, and individuality.

A professional photographer should be able to create such images while working with you. We will develop and decide on the style of your photoshoot together. 

Portrait photography can be created in several genres, such as art portrait (e.g. use of props, re-creating an era, surrealistic style), classical and romantic portrait (studio / outdoor), documentary portrait (“environmental” e.g. portrait for a magazine interview), and fashion portrait. 

A good collaboration between the photographer and the model is imperative for the production of successful images. 

So what is important when preparing for a successful photo-project?

  • The chosen outfit should convey your personality, mood, lifestyle and/or occupation. 
    The colors in the outfit should follow the color theory, which advises that no more than 3 primary colors should be present together. 
    This will allow all of the colors to be in harmony, resulting in stylish photographs. 
  • Professional make-up and hair stylists should be used where possible. They would be able to analyse your face and apply the most appropriate hair and make-up in order to exaggerate your beautiful features. In turn, this helps the photographer to capture you in the most beautiful way, allowing for unforgettable portraits.
  • A collection of props in the style and genre of your photo project needs to be selected in advance. 
    This will help to convey your identity and feelings and project these into the photographs. 
    The choice of props can be discussed with your photographer prior to the shoot.
  • It is also important to discuss the program and sequence of your photo shoot in advance and let the photographer know about any particular likes/dislikes in order to gain most out of the photo session.
  • Last but not least, an important aspect of the photoshoot is your and photographer’s great mood, which will inspire everyone and build a relaxed atmosphere.

I look forward to working with you soon!

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