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Notes for Family & Kids Photoshoot

Family photography is always associated with smiles, happiness, joint walks, and triumph. In these pictures should reveal warmth and love. 

What could be more beautiful than photographs of a happy family in their family album, which depict love, smiles and wonderful moments of their life? 

Children are the best candid models. It is most important to convey the character and the mood of the child in each photograph. I mostly love to capture the open, honest and clear expression in the eyes of a child. This displays the innocence of the early years of our lives and forms the most significant part of child photography. 

Our long-awaited and beloved children – the most spontaneous and open-minded “models”. They require a particular style of interaction when taking photographs, and as a professional photographer, I know how to do just that!

It is my undertaking to create a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere, in which both the mother and her child can feel comfortable and ready to cooperate with the photographer. 
Good photographs can only be achieved through the collaboration between the photographer, mother and the child.

I as a professional photographer I am ready to help you create your bright and unique family album! 

Here are some important aspects which can help you prepare for the photo-project:

  • The mother should help the photographer to determine the correct time for the photo session since the child has to be alert, ready and prepared for the shoot.
  • Props and decoration in the genre of your photoshoot also form an important aspect of the preparation. Crocheted suits, hats, socks, baby’s favorite toys, family memorabilia, beautiful fabrics, and pillows – all help to convey emotions and create an atmosphere of happiness during the photo shoot. 
    The choice of props can be discussed with your photographer in advance.
  • It is important to discuss the program of your photoshoot with the photographer in advance and to establish any particular requirements/expectations that you may have.
  • The child’s outfit should be in one style with a matching “common” colour. This enables a harmony in the colour scheme enabling for the photographer to more easily create a composition. 
    Equally, according to the colour theory, it is important that no more than 3 primary colours are used for clothes and accessorises.
  • In the case where parents wish to take part in the photoshoot, please could you choose neutral colors, which allow keeping the attention on the main subject in the photograph. 
  • Last but not least, the most important aspect of the shoot is your and the photographer’s great mood, which will inspire everyone and build a relaxed atmosphere.

I look forward to working with you soon!

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